Brand Flava University

Learn how to design your education business from logo to courses! 

Brand Flava U is your learning community with fun, implementable courses, templates and a supportive commumity customized to help you grow your education based brand! 

Join the Brand Flava U Experience!

Brand Flava U can ease the stresses and headaches you get when you’re trying to DIY your brand all on your own!  Take a look below at the benefits you get when you join our course and learning membership community.

Get Rid of Confusion

One of the worse feelings in the world, when you’re just starting your business, is trying to figure out how to get the customers that would break down the doors for your product or service.  Confusion and frustration sets in because you know your products or services have worked well for you and you know it’s something people need, but how in the world do you put together what you do and make people fall in total love with your brand? Brand Flava U removes the confusion around building a brand message where you learn to design a message that speaks directly to the heart of your peeps that will have them begging you to give them more from your brand.

Chuck Deuces to Frustration

Girl, I know. You’re about to throw the whole damn computer, website, logo and maybe even your business away because the way you’ve been working on designing your logo or website; slaves have had more free time. SMH… I feel you.  DIY’ing your brand is not easy, especially if you have no design experience or a designer’s eye to see if it all fits your brand.  Girl, it’s time to chuck deuces to your DIY frustration.  Brand Flava U will be your designer’s divinity to help you learn how to completely DIY your brand from logo design, social media graphics,  landing pages, websites and more. *cue the design angels singing* And, you’ll also have private support and encouragement to make sure your branding is on point with your brand from the Brand Flava U membership community! *cue the BFU choir*

Purge the Procrastination and “Comparison-itis”

You’re probably scrolling through Facebook or Instagram right now looking at someone else brand and wondering, “ I wish my brand looked like theirs” or “Dang, their site looks tha bomb…why mines look like caca?” That’s because you’re paying attention to every other brand on the planet except for yours! You can have bomb branding just like the ones you oogle over, but you’ll have to know the tried and true secret to making it happen. Brand Flava U gives you ALL the deets on this secret AND helps you design something ‘flavaliciously awesome’ that will even knock your stilettos off! Get ready to toot your branding horn – “Who created that brand?” “Yeah that’s me…” *toot toot –beep beep*.  

The Word On the Street…

You know we always got the piping hot tea on everything! Catch the tea from Brand Flava University students themselves!

If you brand it, they will come. Nope, I am not talking about the field of dreams, however, the fields of Brand Ya Flava! Working with Lauren has been a pivotal point in my growth as the Millennial Soul Scribe. Her program and classes helped me to define my brand, engage with my old clients, and turn strangers into clients. Most importantly, what all business owners want to know, she helped me to make more money in my business and being who I am and doing what I love! I truly enjoy Lauren as a person; what she offers her clients is just an added benefit. She not only breaks down concepts that can be overwhelming and confusing to the novice to simple terms, she also will hold your hand and pat you on the back. This more than worth the “cost” of the program, as her #1 goal is to help us step out with our best BRAND (U) possible!  “

Omaria Tucker

The Millennial Soul Scribe, Soul Scribe

I have more of an understanding of connecting with my ideal clients and through my story, brand mission/purpose and different forms of providing them an experience.

Lenita Cornett

Lifestyle & Transformation Strategist, Mentor and Coach, Purple Camouflaged Mentor, LLC

Being new to the entrepreneur arena, I was totally clueless, overwhelmed, and frustrated by my lack of knowledge about what branding was all about. When I dived into branding my business, it was all greek to me. But going through BFU, Lauren taught me so much more than branding. I’ve learned not only what my business stands for, I’ve also gained clarity as to who I am, what my purpose is, and how it all relates to my brand. The value in BFU is incomparable. There are courses in BFU you will not find in any other brand course; way too many to name. Lauren goes beyond teaching branding. With great patience, she has helped me understand how every aspect of my business is viewed, why it must be cohesive and consistent, from my mission statement to font choice, and how it all ties together.

Virginia Johnson

Editor , Abundant VA Solutions

“Before BFU, I was all over the place. I wasn’t sure how to get started and didn’t know how to tap into that “thing” that made me unique in order to build off. I now have direction, marketable content and a consistent strategy to launch and grow my business. “

Kimberly Grisson

Owner, Lead. Encourage. Inspire, LLC